March 13, 2018


Before knowing how to stop people or your family member or your peers from going to casinos, let me be clear. Casinos is a game of gambling and it's not ike alcohol to get addicted but yes it's like poison or an injection injected where you don't know how your money is being wasted and you get debauched in the fantasy land in the casinos. You could easily identify a person's behavior when he/she is lost some amount of money and this in turn leads to changes in the behavior of the person such as insincerity, anger, getting exasperated and vexed on others for silly reasons and finally addicted to drugs and drinking in order to reduced getting succumbed from the world.

 What makes a person to stop from going to the casinos? So here is the answer. Just sit and talk in a non confrontation manner with your family. Don't feel ashamed to seek help from people, family or friends. Don't approach in a combative and antagonistic manner when you speak with people like gamblers who are addicted and need help. They are already in an evaporation state and they needs this cold waves to pass into their brains to make themselves back on track. It might be an imbroglio situation to express and discuss with people, but it all for your good to keep your social life peaceful.

 Motivation, medication and meditation all these are very essential in every person's life. So, it would be more suggestable to make the person keep motivated. Hope this tip helps to make the gambler focused on things and keep thinking about these motivational facts and issues. Take the gambler to the doctor for some treatment in case if that person is over indulged and became insane by consuming more drugs. Give that person some space and time to meditate, I guess making that person to do meditation forcefully is tough but leave in a peaceful rooms which create the environment to meditate for a while or sit peacefully for a while.

 Go for outings and take that person for shoppings or lunch, which would distract from going to casinos or plan for good picnics which would help the person stay relieved and gets back the focus to family and job. Travelling would be an ease of choice to make a person get back to work and this is a small tenure gap or a miniscule period to make that person stay away from such things like gambling and casinos. Make sure if in case if your husband or partner who is earning, make sure you have a higher control on their earnings, so probably this would reduce his spending capabilities and would try to ignore and avoid slowly going to these casinos due to lack of money in his hands.

 It is not that, these things which was mentioned above happens that easily or will take time and screw your good social life. But, it takes lot of time and the patience level and understanding level and making the person regarding the side effects and shifting his attention towards family and other interesting social things and making that person get motivation daily to uplift his inner-self and get back to normal.

March 13, 2018

How Casinos Make You Spend Money

It depends, and it isn’t always just about money. The amount someone can safely spend on gambling, like how much you can safely spend on other “non-essential items” comes down to your personal circumstances. For some people, spending a few dollars on gambling may mean they and others will have to go without weekly essentials. For others, it could be hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Harmful gambling is when your gambling starts to cause problems for you or others. For example, if you are starting to worry about money or have some stress associated with your gambling. Perhaps it’s causing problems in some of your relationships or taking your attention away from work or study. Maybe it’s simply no longer fun. Some forms of gambling are more harmful than others, especially those that allow you to play continuously and lose track of how much you are spending.

Casinos also make access to cash convenient. ATM machines keep you thereby allowing you to spend more than what you have in your pocket, and for the big spender, there are pre-approved credit lines that allow you to drain your bank account, up to pre-approved limits. Since you know you are probably going to lose more than you win, it’s a good idea to gamble as little as possible to reduce the size of those losses. To do that look for table games that have the lowest minimum bet, and make sure you don’t bet more than that minimum.

For heaven's sake, don’t bet real money on a game that you don’t know how to play. On many table games, you will have an option to bet on some kind of bonus that pays extra if certain conditions are met. Never play these bonuses, they are for suckers and have lousy payback percentages. You will probably find that sooner or later you hit whatever combination it takes to get paid the bonus.